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09:55pm 14/09/2006
  Hooray for our new Juicytoots:
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01:27pm 22/08/2006
  I am looking for photos to use for web page/promotional things, photos of babies in their Juicytoots... if you have one or 2 you'd be ok with me using, post them here or email them to juicytoots.diapers@yahoo.com

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Oh what a night! 
01:00am 27/12/2005
  Last night I got home and there was ONE night time diaper clean. Cosette woke back up at midnight and had pooped so I had to put her in SOMETHING. I grabbed a Jt fitted and my Jt wool cover. I stuck a doubler in the fitted and the rest of the night was great. No leaks at all. She even slept in until about 10am so she was in it for 10 hours without issue.

My stash! 
10:05pm 09/12/2005
  These are what I have right now. They're going to be for the sprout and will be packed away soon *sniff*. But Kevin is still using them til we get the ones that I'm going to be getting from Amanda soon :o)

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the tester diaper cover 
09:03pm 25/11/2005
mood: more than satisfied customer!
hi, i wanted to post that i finally used the tester diaper cover on our baby. i'm sorry that it took so long but things have been hectic, blahblahblah. and i don't have a picture. i will def post one up when i use it next. i just wanted to let you know how amazing me and my husband think the fleece is. we know it draws moisture away but this exceeded our expectations. aidan's been peeing LOTS these days so we were surprised to see a soaking wet dipe but have a completely dry cover. wooo hoooo! we're totally in love with it and if you're making more, please lmk!

awesome job, juicytoots! <333
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04:23pm 10/08/2005
  Hi! Please join if you like Juicytoots Diapers and would like to post pictures and comments about your orders.

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